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What are the little things in life that make the difference for you? Whether it’s  taking a moment during your morning walk to greet a friendly pup, or just savouring your first coffee of the day. Everyone has moments in their day that bring them joy.




I’d like to help you recognize the little things in your life that make you truly lucky. There are so many details that make your life uniquely yours, and so many things to be proud of.




We have to give ourselves these moments. Allow ourselves to take the few seconds needed to experience our joy. Happiness isn’t something that can be given to you. It isn’t something you need to wait for. Happiness is something you decide you want, and then it’s as simple as reaching out and grabbing it! Carry those moments with you through the day and look back on what joy you have.




You deserve it. Stop for the puppies, drink the coffee. Stare at the sunrise, or take in the clouds. Do what you need to do to invite joy into your life. You’ve earned it!


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