Why I Stop for Puppies

chihuahua-dog-puppy-cute-39317.jpegI have always loved dogs. I love the way they greet you when you come home, as if they’ve been waiting all day for you to get back. I am the proud fur-mama to a Rottweiler who we call Rosie, and she is my #1 support. She knows when I’m having low day, and always gives me extra love when I do.

Every morning she refuses to play with me until she has had her Big Hug. She won’t be sated with a few pats, or a, “Good Girl!”

pexels-photo-59523.jpegI’ll admit I’m not the best at talking to people. I grew up with mental illness and had a hard time relating to my peers. I have always gotten along great with dogs though.

pexels-photo.jpgAfter my experience in an abusive relationship I was scared of everything. Everything, that is, except my furry friends. I was afraid to talk to anyone in case they turned out to be connected to him somehow. I shut down, outside of work and my family. The isolation did just as much damage as the abuse though. In disconnecting myself from people I only grew more distrustful.

I needed to start reaching out, but I just couldn’t at first.

I would be shaking, breathing heavily and nearly in tears every time I left the house. I knew I needed to make a change. This was no way to live my life. I deserved to feel safe and secure, no matter what I had experienced in life.

pexels-photo-551628.jpegThis is when I decided to start stopping for puppies. I used to walk down to get our single car from the restaurant where my husband is the Executive Chef a few days a week. On these walks I would meet new puppies every day. I would smile, stop, crouch down and engage in full conversations with the sweet little animals- and often too late realize I hadn’t said two words to their human companions. Each day I would try to say a few more words- last a few more minutes. I began to feel more accepted. I knew a few neighbours now, and could talk to them. I had talked to people every day for weeks and there I was – still safe and sound. Slowly I started to come out of my shell.

pexels-photo-984906.jpegI live for the saying, “Life is in the little things.”

If there is something in life that you love, that gives you true joy- pursue it. Make time every day to infuse that joy into your life. Allow yourself all the tiny moments of happiness you can. Your happiness is only limited by how much you’re able to allow into your life.

So, stop for puppies. Smell the roses, watch the sunset, and drink the coffee. Laugh until you cry – and maybe a little more. You deserve it.pexels-photo-532310.jpeg

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What could I tell you? I am on a mission in life to help everyone I can. I don’t have the backing of a multimillion dollar charity behind me, but I have a big heart and bigger dreams. Proud mama of two, furmama of one, chef’s wife and full-time do-gooder. Thanks for joining me in this rollercoaster we call life!