Happiness and How to Get It



Everywhere I go online I hear the same thing.

We all need to love ourselves, accept ourselves- and practice self care. There are so many out there who want happiness in life; but they just can’t seem to get it. We wake up every day – going through the motions- all the while stalling until “IT” happens. You know what I mean by “IT.”The big change, the holy grail. Happiness.I struggle with the concept of happiness. As a person who suffers from Bipolar Disorder, some days I am up, and some I am down. I spent so much time after diagnosis trying to recognize these states that I began to doubt my own emotions. Was I happy, or Manic? Was I just feeling worn down, or was I beginning to slide into depression again?I had spent so long trying to make sense of how my diagnosis affected me as a person, that I forgot to view myself as a person and not another case study. Instead of allowing myself to experience these emotions, I would try to lock them down to prevent myself from getting carried away. As you can probably imagine, this didn’t work at all. I started feeling more and more numb. I stopped feeling any real emotions in my daily life and started just allowing myself to experience the most extreme of my mania and depression.

pexels-photo-568027.jpegThis had to come to an end.

The more I pushed my emotions away, the more extreme my mood swings became. So what now? How do we reverse this? I couldn’t continue this way, I felt like half a person!

I started by setting aside time each day during my meditation. I’ve been meditating for years, but recently had let myself slip on the frequency of my sessions. I prioritized this time, telling myself that you just can’t pour from an empty pot.

pexels-photo-321576.jpegDuring my daily meditation I take a moment to think about three good things that happened in my day. Not only that, I think about how I allowed these moments into my life. What was it that I did, to make space for these few lucky moments? How did it change me, or make my day more positive? How could I make this a more frequent occurrence in my life?

In taking the time to hold onto these little things in life, and then to fully appreciate them- I am giving myself happiness, one moment at a time. I’ve been doing this every day for months now and I am so much happier as a person.

pexels-photo-984944.jpegIn your quest for happiness it’s important to remember that some days will not be good days.

pexels-photo-93046.jpegSome days you will wake up with bad hair and a worse attitude. You will forget your wallet, lose your car keys, be late for work. You will have disagreements with your loved ones. You will have people in your life that will bring you down for no reason at all. When we have these days we need to accept them.

pexels-photo-395196.jpegNot all days are good days, and not all days are bad. Even bad days will have happy moments- if you allow it.

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