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Why You Need to Make Time for Meditation


Our minds are an incredible gift. It has been said that human beings have only made use of 10% of their brain. Can you believe it? The mind is the hub for every task we accomplish every day. Every urge or impulse begins there. At the same very moment that your heart is beating, your lungs are filling with fresh air- filtering the smells and identifying your surroundings. Your eyes take in the setting and smooth over irregularities using a lifetime of stored knowledge. Each and every one of these is started in the brain with a tiny impulse, or intention. An infinite realm of possibilities, contained in a single instant. It’s amazing, isn’t it?


Imagine if you could cultivate your mind, like one tends a garden. Visualize a garden, raw and untamed. How would you create your vision of beauty and perfection in this space? Where would you even begin? You wouldn’t sit by and allow it to grow in chaos around you. You can shape it, tame it, and make it more than it ever was before.


First you would take stock of the soil exactly as it is. Tune into yourself, and how you think. Are there unwanted thoughts, or doubts in your mind? Remove them like weeds. The thing about the mind is that – just like a garden – if you stop tending the flowers and pulling out the weeds, it will become wild. Reclaimed by the world, subject to every passing breeze and visiting bird. You have to take a look at your circumstance. The situation you currently have been provided with to make your life. This is your garden’s soil. No amount of wishing will change a desert into an oasis. The hardest work is to accept where you are in your life, and to create the vision for where you want to go from here forward. We must accept that there are some things we cannot change, and that we have only to learn from as they are.


Once you have cleared your mind of the doubts and the unwanted thoughts, and chosen to see things exactly as they are. It is time to set out to create the life you wish to have. Plant seeds of hope in your mind. Accept that for them to grow you have to nurture them with self love and protect them from the passing storms. Don’t limit yourself to one or two hopes, remember, this is a garden – not a flower pot. Accept that to get to the life you have chosen you have to start with the first, smallest steps. Take chances, try new things. Believe in your ability to nurture these new experiences with hope, love and the willingness to change. Always bear in mind that as you add new things and experiences willingly into your life you expand your mind’s garden.


Every day you will need to nurture these small hopes, dreams and choices, much like someone would water seedlings in their garden. Take time, because hopes are fragile. Shower these things with patience, love and compassion. Every morning, take a few minutes to sit down and meditate. Use music if you like, or enjoy the peace of silence. Dim the lights, or use candles to match your mood. Take deep breaths through your nose and trace the air as it enters and exits your body. Tune into this moment, while you renew your energy. Set an intention every morning to grow, love and share your inner light with the world. Remind yourself of your goals, and your direction in life. Confirm every day that you are in control of your life and your dreams. Tell yourself that you are worthy and able to make a difference. Allow yourself pride for the work you have done. Every day you wake up with every single possibility in the world at your fingertips.


Your limits are set by one person, you.

So remove them.

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