The Tiny Gardener


woman-morning-bathrobe-bathroom.jpgIt’s morning again, and even though I’d rather be sleeping – I make my way to the kids room. The brand new Trollz alarm clock is buzzing brightly, singing about the day we’re sure to have. The kids groan and stretch, clearly just as eager as I am to get out of their warm beds (not!). 

My youngest pats her bed, pulling back her covers and giving me the look that signals cuddles. She can look so serious sometimes, and she doesn’t take her morning cuddle lightly. Her tiny hand holds mine, and I’m reminded for the millionth time how little she is. “Good morning mommy- lady!” 

She grins, quite proud of her latest nickname for me.  At the ripe old age of nearly two and a half, she is full of all kinds of little joys. She races to the living room with hair standing straight out in every direction, the sound of her tiny feet in footed pyjamas clear through the whole house. 

pexels-photo-347729.jpegToday she is a gardener, with her special outside hat on. She races from flower to flower inside, spraying them with her own water bottle. Sometimes I lose a few minutes of the morning just watching her and listening. 

She will greet each African Violet, as if it was an old friend. “Oh hello there, purple! You like some waaaater?”

It’s amazing to me that she has her own little sense of humour already. She tilts her head to the side, one hand on her tiny hip. “Oh, you sad? Let’s make you all better! There you go!”

Some days its as if she is a pint sized bartender, serving her floral buds on a garden patio. She will dutifully report every single bud and blossom, and she worries over every fallen leaf. I remember once seeing her hunched down over a freshly fallen leaf on the floor. She picked it up ever so carefully, cradling it in her hands to keep it safe. She wanted nothing more than to find a way to bandage it back on, to save the tiny leaf. When she realized she couldn’t save it, she simply held onto one of the stems of the flower and said she was sorry. 

pexels-photo-459059.jpegThe next day one of it’s buds was in bloom. Scarlet was so happy for it, her whole face lit up. Every time I am lucky enough to be there for one of her purely sweet moments I remind myself how lucky I am, and how much I have to learn from my kids. 

Sometimes you need to take a moment for play and wonder in your day. I soak up these little moments of joy in my life as much as I am able. It won’t be long before I am helping her to start her own garden. Until then, my tiny gardener will continue to be a reminder to find happiness in every day. 

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