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Our Oldest Daughter Loves to Experiment

Haley has always been very unique as a child. Her favourite way to keep busy was to do what we called experiments in the kitchen. I would settle her into the high chair in her “inventor” outfit. She had said that inventors were too serious to wear her flowered, oversized scrub top that we have deemed the artists cloak. No, scientists have their own style, she had said. 

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Scientists Have Their Own Style

Once properly outfitted in a white jacket and dark top, she’s ready to get started. Wether we make food colouring designs on a bowl of milk with a straw, or were trying to make a volcano – Haley approaches everything with the precision of a true scientist. She pours ever so carefully, measuring things to the last drop. 

Every moment is an opportunity for another experiment now. Just the other day I found a notebook crammed full observations. Can you keep water from going “flat” overnight? She set out glasses all over the house with various things as a cover for them – to see which was most affective.  P.S.? Stuffing the top of the glass with tissue paper was not. 

bright bulb close up darkI remember hearing her giggling to herself, hunched over one of her many experiments. I immediately thought of a mad scientist. She looked up at me, a mirror image of my own stubborn glare. “Mommy, I am NOT mad. I’m a happy scientist!”

Our Own Personal Field Study

green leafed treesEvery night we take a walk around the property, looking at all of the trees. Just one year ago I could hardly get Haley to spend any time outdoors, and now she races from tree to tree. She points out every tiny change in the budding leaves, and how each variety differs from the last. It’s become her personal duty to chart every single observation. She scribbles furiously from tree to tree, taking it all in just as quickly as she can. 

Back in the house, she is constantly creating. The recycling bin is her go-to for every possibility she can imagine. She will create elaborate inventions that will help her with her daily life. A slide for her socks to come to her from, an alarm system to play music when her door opens, a special system to turn the light on or off. 

For Haley, the most exciting part of the world is how it works. She loves to figure things out, and has a thirst for knowledge I remember when I was her age. More than anything, she is without the self doubt I always experienced. She believes that she IS a scientist. Tomorrow she could wake up and be a ballerina, or an automotive mechanic. It makes me proud to know that she has already learned that she can do anything, as long as she keeps trying. 

Some day, she’s going to be something- and it’s definitely going to be special. 

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