What If… You Couldn’t Fail?


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Do you remember when you were a young child? Every possibility seemed in reach. Before the reality of the world set in around you; life was full of choices on what you could do, and who you would become.

Children often approach the world with a confidence unmatched in their grown counterparts. They have never experienced failure, and therefore it isn’t an outcome they often factor into their dreams. As a child; we view the world as if there is a lifetime ahead of us. There is, when you think of it. From the eyes of someone at the innocent age of 10; there really is no limitation in life they couldn’t overcome. 

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We become hardened by our experiences as we grow older. We learn to anticipate things that could offer us resistance in life. Naturally we begin to avoid anything that could offer the option of failure. We limit ourselves from activities that would possibly make us feel like less. 

But.. What If, You Couldn’t Fail?

What if; instead of avoiding new experiences or pushing your boundaries – you embraced them? What if you changed your perspective on negative outcomes? It’s time to shift your focus. Stop holding standards over yourself that you cannot achieve. If you have never baked a day in your life, why would you be able to create the most delicious masterpiece your first time? If you have never played football, why would you expect to score the winning touchdown in a field full of pros?

football playersDon’t get me wrong; I am not asking you to stop believing in yourself. I’m asking that you see yourself for who you are, and not who you want to be. Dream big, try hard; and put yourself out there. Give your all, in every situation. Don’t hold yourself back. 

We learn nothing from success. To do something right feels great, but it’s only through failing that we learn. You can’t limit yourself from growing just because you might fail. Each and every failure in life offers the opportunity to learn a new way, as well as the inspiration you need to try again. 

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You have your whole life ahead of you. Try things, and keep trying them. If you fail, learn from it. Pick yourself up and try again. With your newfound knowledge of what doesn’t work; you will be able to find another way. 

Don’t limit yourself to only the things you can do right away.  Often it is the challenges in life that are most rewarding! 

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