What to do When You Find Yourself Offended by Something You Read Online

        Disclaimer: This is a satirical post.

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I’m sure you have been in this situation before. You’re scrolling along, wasting the minutes in between plans when suddenly, you’re stopped by a picture or a post that you don’t agree with. 

In a world where everyone has a voice, even those with a sense of humour perhaps too dark- it’s important to know what to do when faced with a potentially offensive image.walk-human-trafficking-12136.jpg

Don’t worry! To ease your mind, I have put together a handy list of every step that you need to take to get through a life-altering blow such as an innocuous internet post.

  1. Take immediate offenceopened mouth black haired boy in gray full zip jacket standing on grass field taking selfie
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Do not under any circumstance mistake this to have offended you accidentally. This post, although it didn’t name you directly was clearly a war cry designed to get to you specifically. Do not stop, do not pass go, do not collect $200. It is time to prepare for battle.

  1. Call all your friends.  businessman office mobile phone finance
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Chances are, they haven’t heard what ever piece of vital information you have just read from the internet. They will absolutely need to hear about your inability to keep swiping on.

  1. Gather in a public placemarket people black and white gang
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If you happen to know any rambling, large, rather disoriented miscreants, now is the time to call them up. Rally in front of your local town hall or science centre and prepare for battle.

  1. Bring appropriate attireantique armor black and white chrome
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These situations call for suitable props. Be sure to outfit everyone; children and infants included – with clubs, pitchforks, and torches.

  1. Prepare motivational wordshi haters scrabble tiles on white surface
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In cases such as this it is important to speak up and as loudly as possible. You should aim to be as ignorant and uninformed as possible. Do not waste time on getting to know your targets, as sympathizing with their perspective or life path will only serve in easing your anger. Suggestions include: Witchcraft! Blasphemy! Freaks! Abominations! (Although personalizing to suit your situation is encouraged) 

Obviously this is a satirical post. 

I would normally just omit this disclaimer, because most people are able to read a post on the internet and then move on with their lives.  Unfortunately in my own life, I have to take the time now to explain to you one simple truth. People in my own experience have been unable to tolerate the humour or viewpoint to others around them. There are places in this world where opinions are so similar, door to door, that people believe that anyone who doesn’t think exactly like them is a blight on society. 

It is not a crime to express an alternate opinion. I happen to believe that we are gifted with the option of a global platform. I welcome the thoughts and ideas of those who view things differently from myself. I am not so caught up in believing I am right that I would refuse the concept of another way. The world is a big, bright and beautiful place if you choose to see it that way. 

Not everything on the internet is about you. 

There are not groups dedicated to developing memes and pictures or essays based on you and your life. Most of the statements you will find on the internet are simply general in nature. You were not ever thought of in the process. The fact that you are offended isn’t even on the radar of importance to people making memes. Other people still, go out with the express purpose of stepping on as many toes as possible.

People are going to offend you all the time. They will look you in the eye and say the most spiteful things. They will refuse to believe in you, no matter how hard you try to prove them wrong. People will express opinions, wether or not you are willing to accept them. It will happen in your home, it will happen at your work, and it will happen on the internet. There is a person like that in everyone’s life. It’s important to learn from these moments, and to leave them in the past where they belong.

If you choose to spend your time and energy in the right ways, you can fill your heart with hope and renewed faith in humanity. For every bit of spite out there in the world, there is something wonderful too. We can’t  allow ourselves to resonate on only the negatives. We have to choose to allow ourselves to find and nourish those beautiful moments. We owe it to ourselves to immerse in the best moments in life.

I wish I could tell you that the world will become a less offensive place, but that wouldn’t be the truth. As it is, the only way to deal with things like this is to move on. 

You can report a post if you find it offensive. You can unfollow the person who shared it, and block the groups that you choose not to see. You can stop going onto websites if you find them to be displeasing to you. 

You can’t change everyone, and you don’t have the right to change everyone’s opinions. You are in control of only one person in this world, and this person is you. 

While you navigate through this ever-growing world where you are sure to see things that you don’t enjoy, give yourself the power. Choose to turn your head, continue swiping, and move on. Create your own post, filled with light and love. For every hate-filled post out there, replace it with another that will lift people up. Take that hurt feeling that you have, and use it as fuel to better the world in some way. You don’t need to resonate on every negative experience in your life. You are the captain of your own ship, and you direct it where you choose. You must see the jagged rocks of hatred for what they are, and know that bringing yourself close to them- surrounding yourself will only serve to cease your journey. You are capable of maneuvering  around the obstacles in your life without allowing them to break your resolve.

We all deserve to give ourselves the freedom to choose. We all would do well to spend a little more time on spreading positivity, and a lot less time on our prejudice and hatred.

Be the change you wish to see in the world!

We certainly can’t get anywhere while we continue to circle around the same things over and over. We are like a dog, who is chasing his tail. Even if you catch it; have you gained anything, really?

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