Who Helps the Helper?

I encourage everyone to read this. As a person who struggles with her own mental illness, I often find myself pushing people away to protect them from my demons.

I convince myself it is easier to hide it away behind closed doors than it is to face possible rejection amongst my peers.

The question, “What’s wrong?”

Innoncent, and well meaning. It reminds me that nothing is wrong, it’s all in my head. There is no physical, tangible wrongness to share with you. There is no easy way out, no easy fix. At the same time that nothing is wrong, everything is wrong.

It’s at this time that you need comfort the most.  To have a hand to hold, or an arm to wrap you up and provide safety from the onslaught of raw emotion. Sometimes safety in numbers applies to internal battles just as well as it does to a visible danger.

I never felt as though I could justify the feelings I had inside. I never felt safe to explain the rapid thoughts, the constant fear of judgement. I was too afraid to break the carefully constructed image I had created of strength.

Reading this reminds me of all the times I closed and locked the door. All the days I could have opened up and admitted that I needed help. No one should feel so alone. Not when we can gain strength together, even in solitude.

if you have a loved one who suffers internally; please give this a read. Don’t ever forget how important even a few minutes of your time could be to someone who feels like they are alone. You don’t have to fix it, you only need to help them face it.

Below I’ve included a link to an incredible post on surviving depression. Go ahead, give it a look. Remember, we’re all on this ride together.

What can you do for a loved one with depression? Sometimes presence can make all the difference in the world.

via Surviving Depression — Longreads

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