Life in a Cardboard Box Metropolis

Time to Get Moving!

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Moving with two young kids, one Rottweiler dog, a workaholic husband and a baby on the way comes with ups and downs. How do you navigate the stress? How can we keep things fun for the kids without leaving every toy to the last minute?

Read on…


My little family is getting ready to move, and of course- we’re in utter chaos. There are boxes everywhere! We seem to be running out of clean clothes- every day! One day, I swear I’ve packed up all kinds of things and checked them off the list. The next day, the very same things are out and about! Am I losing my mind? Of course I am! We’re moving!


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It isn’t all stress and woe. We work together as a family to prepare for the big day. I was lucky to have help from both our daughters to pack their toys and clothes. My husband is constantly lugging boxes from one room to another, restocking our supply week after week. I just keep telling him, “This time just three or four more, honey. I think I’m almost done!”

He only smiles, shakes his head – and picks up another half dozen. He knows we are better off with extra boxes than we are with unpacked stuff. He may not understand why we have so many boxes of shoes, or why we had three huge boxes of bathroom gear (without even packing the towels). He does understand that I am trying my best.

In our new house, our oldest daughter will finally have her own room. She is SO excited. She doesn’t want too much in the way of furniture. She did ask for, “A spare queen bed, just in case her bottom bunk isn’t enough for all her friends who are sleeping over.”


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I bit back the response that this is not a hostel for small children, and that two beds in her room will likely be enough. She’s still little, after all. Our oldest daughter Is through the roof about the new house. It has a second floor living area that she has claimed as a kids only living room. There is a bathroom for the girls to share, and she has dreams of cherry blossom curtains, or possibly small ducks. We’ll come back to that, I’m sure.

Our youngest (and soon to be middle) is thrilled to the moon to be moving her toddler bed into her very own space. She doesn’t even mind sharing her room with the new baby down the line. She is moving on and up, in her own way. She has it all planned out- which blankets will be in her room; which teddies will live next to her bed.


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As I find myself living in a box metropolis; it’s important to remember that this is only temporary. We are on the countdown to the new home, and any stress is just a few days before it can become excitement. I remind myself that moving into this house will allow us to finally retrieve all our extras from storage. Welcome home, bread maker! Good to see you, tables and furniture!

It’s amazing how you can take advantage of items like these. How convenient it is, to have all you need at an arm’s reach away! How you can long for that spare kitchen pot that is packed. How much you miss a certain piece of art that hung on the wall.

art painting on walls



It is especially hard to plan for this move due to my current restrictions. I have to be careful, and that includes not lifting anything heavy; or subjecting myself to unnecessary stress. It isn’t in my nature just to stay out of the process, so I have arranged to have carts and dolly’s to allow me to be at least semi productive. We’re lucky to have the help of friends with this move, so I can allow myself to ask for assistance instead of forging on without.

All I know is that we’re nearly ready for you, new house. I just have to pack up one last box.


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Oh and that one.

Also that one.

I’ll get back to you, okay?

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