The Great Gender Reveal


What Will Baby Be?


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I’m sure you’ve seen the posts all over social media. Everyone is planning elaborate, beautiful gender reveal parties to share with their close family and friends all about the latest bit of information they have on their baby. There are photo reveals, paint splatter reveals, smoke shows, cupcakes and all kinds of other surprises. There are parties where each guest comes decked out in the colour of the gender they would prefer. From the middle of a sea of blue and pink the prospective parents gleam with the newfound information- sometimes a surprise to even them!


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To Party, or Not to Party…


I didn’t intend to have a baby shower at all this time around. This is my third pregnancy, and although I am completely and thoroughly excited for the arrival of this child- I didn’t want to go over the top. We were lucky to have been treated incredibly by our family at the showers we held for both of my daughters. The boxes of clothes, keepsakes and countless packages of diapers kept us covered for well over the first year. 



This time around, I didn’t want all the fuss. In all honesty, my brother and his girlfriend are expecting their first baby only weeks before ours is due- and I wanted to make sure that he was given the same fortunate treatment that I had while I was expecting. Your first child is really quite an experience. A huge part of me wanted to sit back and let him have his moment.


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I know it is exciting, terrifying, wonderful and stressful all at the very same time from experience. I felt grateful that I had been taken care of so well by the family- but at the same time my pride told me I could do it on my own. I had trouble accepting the gifts I was given when my first daughter was born, nearly 9 years ago. I wanted to show everyone I was going to be a good mother, that I was capable of providing for her by myself and didn’t need charity.  


I thought that gifts and handouts were one and the same, back then. 


I’ve since learned that each and every gift, be it a fancy keepsake or a bag of hand-me-downs – comes from a moment where someone thought of you and your future child. In the moment they select something with you in mind, they are only thinking of how useful it will be. It never means that they believed the child would go without, it only means that they are showing you a special kindness. 


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The Big Day…


Our reveal party was this Sunday! I have been under a great deal of stress this year, and for this one day I could let it all drop away. I was surrounded by people who have nothing but love and support for our family. It was amazing to be immersed in such good will! Every moment of the day, from getting ready to hauling home our wares was absolutely perfect. I could hardly believe I had wanted to miss out on the chance to see the people that have meant so much to me my whole life.  The girls had plenty of little friends and cousins to chase and laugh with, and nearly everyone we invited made an appearance dispite all of our hectic schedules.  


My dearest and oldest friend was the mastermind behind the whole party. When I was reserved about having one or making a big deal of myself- she straightened me out and got me in the party spirit. When I continually turned down good ideas because they seemed too flashy, she got her Google on and kept at it. She made sure that everything was set up and ready to go on the day, my only job was to thank people for coming and try not to get a sore face from smiling so much.  






We had the party at Finkle Street Tap and Grill.  It was the only way to ensure that our Finkle Family could be involved- since daytime parties always leave someone out of the loop to man the line. Have I ever mentioned one of the major perks of having a Chef as a husband is incredible food at the events he can attend? It’s amazing how they can make something as simple as pizza a mouthwatering experience, every time. I could eat their food every day- but I would probably be even more round than I already am…




We had a Diaper Raffle, instead of guests bringing presents this time around. Each guest had the option of bringing any package of any size of diapers to the party- and we entered their name into a draw for a special prize. With our theme being “What Will Baby Bee??” Our decorations featured little bumblebees. My friend was able to find a friend who works with honey and honey products, and they put together a sweet little basket of goodies for the winner. How perfect?




For our big reveal, we asked for the grandparents and great grandparents to help us unwrap a present. Hidden beneath 13 layers of gift wrap in deceiving colours was a shadow box frame with one of our ultrasound photographs. My mother in law gave us a small treasure to include as well; a pair of handmade booties and the very onesie my husband Brock had come home from the hospital in. 






We are so happy to finally be able to share the news that we are having a little boy. He will be William Gordon George, named for his grandfathers, great grandfathers, and great uncles. Each of these names resonates with so many people in our family. 


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He will be loved, deeply- and by many people. He will start out his life rich with support and affection. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and our Liam will not be lacking in that way at all!

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