Here’s Looking at You, Kid!

What Do They Say About the Third?

About a week before Liam was due, we delivered him by C-section at our local hospital. I have to admit, the C-section is one type of surgery I never wanted for myself. I had both of the girls as naturally as possible, but this was the best option to ensure our boy arrived safe and sound. The doctors and nurses did amazing, and he was born healthy- and hungry!

I had spent a lot of time worrying about the birth. I had always seen C-sections as scary, but it wasn’t so bad. Receiving the epidural was worse than the actual surgery; but thanks to that little bit of medical miracle juice- I couldn’t feel a thing. All my fears melted the moment I met him. All of the sudden they placed this warm, tiny, wiggly little man on my chest.

Liam wrapped his hands in my hair, and pulled my face close. I could hardly even see him- they had taken my glasses away for surgery. I felt his tiny chest rise with each breath. He snuggled in close and I knew we had made it!

I loved him from his tiny little faux hawk to his wriggly little toes. I loved the way his lip trembled and he almost sounded like he was laughing when he was crying. I immediately started to imagine a lifetime of that little nervous chuckle. Summers filled with grass stains, and scuffed knees- and tiny I love you’s.

And Then…

I don’t know if this is true for other mothers who have had both labour and C-section deliveries- but I was not prepared for the ass kicking I was handed in recovery.

I remember within a few hours of having my first daughter that I was up and tentatively navigating the halls with my baby in arms. With our second, it was only an hour and a half after she was born that I was up and walking around.

Not This Time!!

I don’t think I imagined that I would be up and partying after Liam was born, but I also didn’t anticipate being completely bedridden. I expected to rest for a day, and then wake up stiff, but ready to leave.

On the night following the C-section, however- my nurse decided not to give me the prescribed narcotics. I went the first 12 hours immediately after a major abdominal surgery on nothing stronger than your average capsule of Advil.

As I lay there, feeling like the showgirl after she is sawed in two- I wondered how in the world I was going to do this. How do women just get up after a C-section and resume their normal lives?

The mistake was caught the next day and my prescriptions were sorted out. I was a little behind in recovery, but able to waddle along and catch up. Still sore, but much more optimistic after a few days of rest; my husband and I headed home to get to know our newest tiny human.

I was lucky, when we got home. My husband took a full 6 weeks off to be with Liam and I, and to help with the house. I didn’t have to try and find a way to juggle all three kids on my own until I felt physically ready.

In another post, I will go into what has been going on with the kids in more detail.

All I can say is that you would never know how strong you are if you weren’t tested from time to time. Life will throw some heavy stuff your way; and even though we’re never really ready for it- we make it through.

Sometimes, we’re rewarded for our struggles with moments like this: where you can afford to spend time just staring into your newborn’s eyes and daydreaming about their future.

Watch out world, there is some serious cuteness afoot.

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