About the Author

Hey Friends, Welcome!

My name is Katie, and I will be your resident rambler. I’m just a girl with messy hair, and big dreams. I want to help you see the good in your life, and to reach your goals.

But… What’s with the name?

Well, I believe in the little things. The fresh smell of coffee, early in the morning. The laughter, the tears. I believe in dancing a little too much and playing the music a little too loud. I’m prone to falling down, getting carried away and greeting all dogs like family.

This is a place for the little things – and the big things. The good things, and the “I can’t DO this!” Things.

Thank you, for joining me at my home away from home. I invite you to pull up a chair, fill up your glass and stay for the party.

I don’t know you, but I’d love to.