The Role of a Role Model

You don’t have to be a super hero or a billionaire to set an example for a child. You simply have to be there. Even the absence of a loved one will teach lessons not easily forgotten.

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Using Faith to Empower You Through Adversity

Have you ever been so angry your hands started to shake? So insulted that you could hardly find words to express it? I have. Read on to see how I managed to rise up above the negativity and give myself the peace I deserve. Don’t wait for someone to tell you when you can choose the higher path in life. Allow yourself to be your best self, no matter what they say to you. You deserve nothing less.

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What If… You Couldn’t Fail?

Are you stuck? Do you find yourself doing the same things, day after day – hoping for change? Are you afraid to try anything new for fear of failure? You’re in the right place. It’s time to shift your focus. Read on.

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