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My Husband is a Chef



No, that doesn’t mean he cooks for me every night. It doesn’t mean gourmet meals day in and day out. Just like you, he works every night. He has to be away for 50-70 hours a week depending on how busy it is, and he works himself to the bone.

It means he isn’t available on conventional days for family events. It means saving him a plate of all the favourites people have made just for him, and filling him in on the details later. It means constantly explaining where he is, and why he couldn’t make it- even though it’s always the same answer.

It means we make our own holidays.


We steal normal days and turn them into holidays. We go on vacation in the off season, because closing the restaurant during peak hours would be insane. We have Sunday-Monday weekends and go out when things are quiet.

Having a chef for a husband makes grocery stores a playground.



Every aisle holds possibilities I couldn’t imagine. There are pairings I’ve never heard of, all right there in the market. He races from one thing to the next, returning with arms full and a smile as wide as his whole face. When I shop for food it’s almost entirely about saving money, but one look at his utter glee and I can’t help but let the receipt slide. He reminds me that you should look forward to your meals, because people often just opt for what’s easiest. We look at the whole process of cooking like it’s a chore. Even grocery shopping is just another thing on the list to complete: squeezed into the space between other pressing tasks.



Not for my husband. When he has a meal to play with at home, it’s like taking a kid to a candy shop. Except after that kid gets to create a candy masterpiece to put on display for everyone.



It means stolen late-night moments…


In the small hours of the night, cozied up with seemingly every calorie in the house nestled into one plate of steamy goodness. What diet? Oh no, that’s for daytime. Midnight snacks are freebies, aren’t they?


Lastly, it means we have an entire second family.


They celebrate our achievements and mourn our losses. We share more than just my husband. We’re all a part of the secret kitchen club, united against the world. We all know the pull of the culinary world, and how much it takes out of you.

I know my husband is doing an amazing job as a Chef. He takes great pride in his work, and he is always trying to better himself- to push a little harder. He has a special creativity that needs to be shared with the world. That’s why I’m okay with him being so dedicated to it. I’m proud of him for everything he has achieved; and for how hard he has worked to do that.



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